Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Missed so much

There is so much to tell. It has been so long since my last post. Since then:

Jessi turned 10!! with a party at the USO and a sleepover.
The Easter Bunny came!
Cameron celebrated his first communion with all of us (neighbor and dear friends)
and I cut all of my hair off.
We are staying pretty busy with school and the kids doing bowling. Jack's team took first in his age division for the league, he bowled fourth in a regional tourney, and he bowled his high scratch game of 176 in league play. It is fun. Sister is holding her own there too. I hope they stick with it. They are also managing to both stay on the honor roll which is wonderful.
Can't wait to see USA soon. Coming May 27th. See you then.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello there. Haven't been on in awhile. We are on lockdown still. Hopefully next week we will be able to leave the base. For those of you that I have not talked to, we got put on lockdown on Feb 20 due to some unfortunate events that service members have done off base. It is very claustriphobic. We are allowed to go from base to base, but that is it.
I have the flu! YUCK! It is going around the clinic like wildfire, so I am not sure if John brought it home to me or what. We sponsored a family and when we picked them up the mom was sick, so maybe there. I have been with her all week being her driver.
Ok, so that is about all that is going on. The kids are good. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer. There is a travel agent off base that I can't wait to get to to see about tickets. I have heard that they are much cheaper than ITT.
Thoughts:Buy yourself flowers or grow a cut garden! I promise it is wonderful for the soul.
Love everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting out

Ever think about going on vacation where you live? That concept sure comes to life when you live in a foreign country. For President's Day we decided to hit the island with the neighbors. Here are some pictures from "GobleFest 08". (John had to name it. He also gave the entire family call signs on the radios we shared with the Goble family.) We just took off driving and stopped when we wanted. Can you just imagine the pirates coming up in this cove?
Next we went to Pineapple Park. It was utopia. They have a winery with FREE SAMPLES of wine and cake and fruit. WOW! I could go back everyday and eat my way through the place. They totally lost me with pickled pineapple and seaweed though.
Tomorrow it is on to check on registering for school and going to a travel agent so that we can come see all of you statebound peeps.
Oh, and we had hamster babies over the weekend. I will put up pics soon.
Good night

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts and Flowers Day

Here's the proof! I have actually done something. Ok I can craft, but not work a computer. I guess I am too lazy to fix. So, everyone get ready for your neck exercise and lean slowly to the right. Now, that is the card I made for Jessi's teacher. (It looks boring, but that is ribbon and that sticker is pop dotted up.) And, thanks to Amy's idea, that is the goody container for Jess. I used a coffe mate container! Cute huh? I filled with mini pencils, lipgloss and chocolates.
I hope you are all having a happy hearts and flowers day. I know I am. John gave me the cutest bunch of flowers with gerber daisies and roses and he cooked. Loved that.
Everyone please pray for the town of Jackson, TN. My sister in law and family live there. She and her husband pastor Jackson Christian Center. The tornados caused such devastation. They had minor damage in comparison with only a transformer in their roof. Praise God none of them were even hurt! We love you guys!

Monday, January 28, 2008

oh boredom

Ok, this picture has nothing to do with anything, it is just funny. We attended a karate tournament at a local college and this is what it looked like right inside. Everyone takes off shoes!

Well, does it ever seem like one day just runs into the other? I am feeling that a little right now. I guess melancholy is the word. It doesn't help that we were going through family videos tonight. It always makes me a little sad to see the kids then. I miss them at those young ages. Also, the sun hasn't come out here in over a week. Some days it just drizzles all day. With the humidity and the rain it feels like you are going to mildew. I am definately ready for some sun and outdoor activity. I think when the weather clears up we are going to take the kids out to the ocean early in the morning when the tide is low. It causes tidepools and here you can find all of this extremely cool ocean life. I have heard it is so cool so I can't wait.

Something to be excited about is John and I have finished setting my craft room up. We moved some things around in our closet and found some shelves that the neighbors were throwing out and put it together. I am not quite to the point where it is flawless, but I will need to work in there a little to see what I need. I made some cards just to get back in the swing of creating. John said he would have to take pics because he is proud of it. I love him for wanting to give me a space of my own. Whoever reads this- I could use all of the creative storage ideas you have. Thanks

Gotta go spend some time with the hubby. Good night.

I am thankful for:

Girl Scout Cookies (Lemonades)

My free shelves

people in my life willing to put up with me for any length of time!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sad Day

I am broken hearted! This is a sad sad day. My heart goes out to his family. I have to go watch A Knight's Tale now.
I hope all is well out there with everyone else. Love and kisses.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Has it really been a week? Man they fly by. My daughter is in gymnastics, cheer leading and taiko drumming (it's a pacific islander thing). My son is a karate and xbox fanatic. So, between all of this and the endless amount of homework I seem to lose track of time. I really do dream of doing projects that I want to do (not for school). I started setting up my scrappy room this week and can't wait until it is "perfect". lol You know that like everyone I will move things around everyday, but I am just ready to get started on the fun in there and for the work to be over. Hopefully this weekend.

Ok, for some Japan news. Tuesday was Mochi(mu-chi) day. For us Americans, that means rice candy. It is really gross. It is a tradition that on that day you make or buy these leaves with this goo inside of them and have them for dessert with green tea. Well, it is an experience. I have a good friend here that happens to be from Okinawa and we spent the day together. She took me shopping and to eat. We found a wonderful Italian place. It was just a thrill to have someone with me who spoke the language. I found some strawberries which I couldn't believe. They were beautiful and delicious. I went for it even though it was like Y498 for a tiny pack. I am going to soak up as much from her as possible. What a blessing. I know I need to take my camera on outings like this. What was I thinking?

Anyway, in keeping with the Amy thing. ( I do get most of my good ideas second hand.) Today I am grateful for:
1. Bedtime-not mine, but tucking in the kids. I love that both my 9 and 12 year old kids still love to be tucked in and play ear monster. We all have our little rituals that I know I will miss one day.
2. My family-Not the cliche'. Of course everyone knows that I love the husband and kids, but I mean my whole family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, the works. I have some of the best times with them. We vacation together, spend holidays together, shop, eat, hang out, and they seem to always be there when I need them.
3. Vonage phones, cable tv, and the internet to keep me in touch with the states. Miss you all!!
Good night.